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Our philosophy and programs

START fitness believes that everyone can achieve health and wellness no matter the adversity they are facing. Along with gym training  we want to teach you to use your surroundings to help you reach and maintain your goals.



We will preform a fitness assessment at the beginning and end of your program in order to measure your current fitness level and progress. Our fitness assessments include cardiovascular health, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility as well as body circumference  and body fat percentage. We use these measurements to design your individualized program.



Our programs are designed to get you motivated to START reaching for your fitness goals. We help you to overcome your adversities, whether you would like to lose 100 lbs, learn how to be more efficient in your wheelchair or gain lean muscle and get that 6 pack you have always wanted.

We believe your plan should be realistic, fun and include attainable goals to assure results and the ability to maintain them.



We provide realistic nutritional guidelines that you and your family can stick to. We believe your diet should consist of foods you like in proper portions and with healthy alternatives.